Purity & Quality

There is nothing as paramount as quality in things that we do, the services that we render and receive and the products that are bought and sold. A great design without quality does not count for much. That is why quality must be developed and retained through quality assurance methods and setting of standards which dictate the overall quality of a product. Amore Porta Labs believes in maintaining purity and quality so that customers are not harmed or inconvenienced.

All measures to preserve purity are highly considered and implemented in our supplements and vitamins which are tested thoroughly by an impartial, third party laboratory to ensure that there are no harmful substances and contaminants. The testing is done to guarantee that ingredients written on the bottle are actually what is contained.

In the formulation and raw material assessment of these supplements and vitamins, the allergen, the origin of material and the GMO status documentation is required. In this testing, botanical identification and potency testing is a standard procedure using globally approved methodologies such as HPTLC which is the High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography, the FTIR, which is Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, the AOAC, which is the Association of Analytical Communities and HPLC, which is the High Performance Layer Chromatography. The ingredients should be verified to find out if they are non-GMO.

Once our supplements have undergone rigorous verification to determine their purity, they are crafted at FDA registers and they are GMP and NSF certified. Amore Porta Labs tests the finished goods via a third party lab after formulation and bottling. Our supplements and vitamins help with pregnancy support, macular support, digestive support, weight management, sleep and relaxation, bone support and hair, skin and nails.

Every consumer of Amore Porta Labs products is assured that no stone is unturned in the pursuit of quality products made to serve their needs.